A Bail Bonds Company in Hyattsville, MD Offers an Alternative to Cash Bail

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

When someone has been arrested and brought to jail, that person can be released after a judge sets bail. A faster release is possible when bail is automatically set according to a schedule developed by the jurisdiction. Either way, many defendants cannot afford to pay cash bail, whether that amount is $30,000, $15,000, or even $3,000. They have to find an alternative, such as doing business with a Bail Bonds Company in Hyattsville MD.

How Judges Decide Bail Amounts

In an arraignment or bail hearing, a judge makes decisions based on information and rhetoric from the prosecuting and defense attorneys. The criminal charge is also taken into account. More severe charges usually require a higher bail. The person’s prior criminal history is considered as well as his or her stability in the community.

Options for Release

If the defendant does not have that much money on hand, that person and their family start trying to figure out ways to come up with the required funds. Several options are possible, but many low-income individuals are not eligible for those options. Being approved for a personal loan from a bank or credit union may not be possible, for instance. A car title loan may not generate enough cash to pay bail. A bail bonds company in Hyattsville MD provides another possibility.

Monetary Discrimination in the Judicial System

No matter how persuasive a defense attorney is at the bail hearing, the prosecuting attorney still may convince the judge to set bail relatively high. Unfortunately, that means defendants with money can go home, while those without a savings account often have to stay behind bars until the case ends. With the option of doing business with an organization like Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency Inc, the defendant and their family members only must come up with the fee for the service.

People around the nation generally find the idea of defendants held in jail before trial to be offensive and unjust. Nevertheless, since the judicial system still operates with cash bail in most jurisdictions, defendants must find another way out if they cannot afford bail. Surety bonds securing a release provide a welcome alternative.