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A Bail Bondsmen Service In Norwalk CT Will Help You Get Out Of Jail

When a loved one lands in jail, it is a scary situation when they need to come up with money to make bond. With the help of a Bail Bondsmen Service in Norwalk CT, the bond amount can be achieved, and the individual can be released from jail. Bail bond services are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help individuals gain their freedom.

Individuals who are having a hard time coming up with the money need to explain their situation to the bond service. Bond questions can be asked free of charge. A bail bond is a three-party contract between the courts, the bondsman and the accused individual. The bond guarantees the accused individual will be present for all of their court appearances.

Types Of Bond

There are several types of bond a court will issue for an accused individual. The most common type of bond is a surety bond. Another type of bond is a real estate bond that promises the individual will show up for their court appearances.

How Can You Get Bail

Bail is a very complex issue, and it is important to learn about it through the bail bonds service. They will investigate the accused individual's bond, and determine what the amount of money they need and the fee that will be charged for the money. There are often other stipulations besides money to get out of jail, and the bondsmen will find out all of the details.

Paying Back The Money

When a bail bondsmen service in Norwalk CT is contracted to get an individual out of jail, a payment plan will be established to pay the money back. Easy payment plans can be established. The premium fee that is changed by the bond service is non-refundable when all of the payments are completed.

Being arrested is frightening enough, but making bond can be just as confusing. With the help of a bail bond service, the process of getting someone out of jail is easier and will be smoother. Contact us or come to the offices when you have a question about freeing someone from jail.

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