Doing Business with a Bail Bonds Service in Orange, CT

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

Being charged with a crime doesn’t necessarily mean that the defendant has to remain in jail until their trial. Bail can be issued that a defendant must pay to be released from custody while their case moves through the justice system. Once a defendant is out on bail, they have to follow whatever guidelines that the issuing judge put forth.

Court Dates

When a defendant uses a bail bonds service in Orange, CT to get out of custody, they have to remember that they must continue to follow through with court dates. There can be court dates for all types of reasons. If a defendant has a lawyer, they might not have to show up for all the proceedings. Some of the proceedings just take minutes and are mere formalities. If a person has to work, the court dates can interfere with their job. Too many court dates might get a person fired, so it’s easy to see why some defendants skip them.


A defendant can end up with a bench warrant if they skip a court date. That’s why it’s important to have a lawyer who can appear on behalf of their client. Once a warrant is issued for a defendant’s arrest, the situation can get complicated. The defendant can be arrested and held in custody until their trial. If the court date was missed due to an honest mistake, a lawyer might be able to convince the judge to give the defendant a second chance.

A Higher Bail

In some situations, a higher bail than the original is ordered by the court. The prosecutor might argue that the defendant has more resources than they previously claimed. Whatever the case may be, a bail bonds service in Orange, CT will have to be contacted again to make up the difference in bail. Find more information about hiring a bail bondsman by visiting the website.

In most cases, getting a bail isn’t a problem. Whether or not a defendant can pay the bail is a different matter. Also, it’s up to the defendant to follow the orders of the court so that they can remain free.