Here’s Why Judges Disqualify People From Bail in Huntsville, Alabama

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Bail Bonds Service

People get out of jail after arrest by either pleading guilty, being found guilty by a jury or judge, or posting bail. While most people get out of jail with bail bonds from Huntsville, AL, not all people get awarded bail. These things reduce the likelihood of people receiving bail.

Past History of Missing Court Dates Looks Bad

Rather than fighting criminal charges, some people would rather evade capture, either by laying low within the United States or by moving to another country without an extradition treaty with the United States. People with histories of missing court dates aren’t often awarded bail out of fear they’ll repeat their past mistakes.

Lengthy History of Criminal Charges Count Against Defendants

The more people have run-ins with law enforcement – this includes both convicted charges and their unconvicted counterpart – the less favorably they’re viewed as good candidates for bail.

Violent, Sexually-Offensive, and Psychopathic Characteristics Prevent Bail

This is true for most situations, at least – people who’ve exhibit violent, psychopathic, or sexually-offensive characteristics usually aren’t even considered for bail for one second. These characteristics make judges view such defendants as threats to the general public, which is exactly what they’re proven themselves to be.

This Bail Bondsman Helps Advocate for Defendants

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