Using a Bail Bond Service in Contra Costa County, CA

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

When people find themselves arrested, booked and going to jail, they look for someone who is available to help them get out of jail until the time of the trial. This is where a bail bonding agency comes into play, helping the arrested individuals make payment for their bail amount. A bail bond service in Contra Costa County CA arranges bail for clients all the time, helping them to get back to the peace of mind that is life until the time of the trial. Here is some information that should be known about the bail bond process.

Information That Should Be Known about the Bail Bond Process

The security of the bail bonding process is that by using an agency, the court is assured that it will get its money and the defendant is allowed to get out of jail until the time of the trial. The defendant usually has to put up some collateral as a form of insurance against the money the bail bonding agency puts up for the defendant. All of the collateral will be released to the defendant after the trial, no matter what the outcome.

More Information about the Bail Bond Process

If the defendant fails to appear in court at the scheduled times, a bench warrant will be issued, and national databases will be informed of the defendant as a fugitive. The bail bonding agency will usually send out someone to collect the defendant, sometimes known as a bounty hunter. It is important that the defendant does not miss any of the scheduled court appearances, so as to get the collateral back, minus the premium that is paid for the privilege.

A Bail Bonding Agency in California

Many agencies throughout the State of California are set up as bail bonding agencies to assist those in need of the bail bond services. Angela Maxwell Bail Bonds is one such agency in the Contra Costa County, California area that helps individuals to get out of jail through the bail bonds process. If an individual is in need of a bail bond service in Contra Costa County CA, the agency is available. The agents invite interested parties to “Browse our website at for more information.”