Consulting with Huntsville Bail Agents Before Being Released from Jail

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

When you need the assistance of a bail bond agent, there are a few tips for finding the right one who can get you released from jail until your court date. Once you find a bail agent in Huntsville AL, you need to follow the directions that are given so that you don’t get in further trouble before court. The following are a few tips to consider so that you receive the best service possible.

Communicate Early

Whether you’re the person in jail or you know someone who is in jail, you need to talk to a bail agent in Huntsville AL as soon as possible so that the paperwork can be processed for release. Most agents won’t be able to do anything until after the magistrate or judge issues the bond amount.

Consider the Crime

There are agents who will work for the release of almost any crime and some who only issue bonds for crimes that aren’t as severe as others. Some of the crimes that agents might not handle include rape and arson. If the person has a lengthy criminal history, then there is a possibility that the agent might not process the release or might charge a higher bail amount.


When you’ve found an agent and have made sure that the person can be released from jail, you need to talk about the types of payment that are accepted and how much you need to pay. Most agents require 10% of the entire bond amount. Various payment options include cash, credit or debit cards, and titles to some types of property.

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