What To Expect From Bail Bonds In Iowa City, Iowa

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

In Iowa, criminal defendants who are eligible for bail have the opportunity to purchase a bail bond. It is a better choice for defendants who don’t have enough money to pay their whole bail amount. A local bonding agent explains what criminal defendants can expect from Bail Bonds in Iowa City, Iowa.

Purchasing a Bail Bond

The criminal defendant or their representative purchases the bail bond from the bail bondsman. The standard fee for the bonds is between 10 and 14 percent of the bail amount. Cash, check, and credit card payments are accepted by the bail bondsmen.

What Collateral is Acceptable?

Collateral used to secure the bail bond includes but is not limited to real estate, automobiles, jewelry, and stocks or bonds. The representative or the criminal defendant must own the collateral and sign it over to the bail bondsman. The collateral is returned if the defendant appears at their scheduled court date.

Assisting Criminal Defendants

Bail bondsmen offer assistance for criminal defendants. Typically, the bondsmen offer their negotiation skills during the arraignment to get a lower bail amount. The agents also help defendants who don’t have transportation get to their court date on time. Some bondsmen get the defendant released in their custody, and the defendant stays with the bondsman until their court appearance.

Repercussions of an FTA

Any criminal defendant that doesn’t appear at their court date is subject to a bench warrant. The judge signs the bench warrant, and the bond is revoked. All law enforcement officers have the right to arrest the defendant on sight without probable cause. Under most circumstances, the defendant is ineligible for a new bail bond and must remain in jail until their new court date.

In Iowa, criminal defendants purchase bail bonds directly or through a representative. The bail bonds are available at a percentage of the bail amount. Bail bondsmen provide additional services for defendants including transportation to their court appearance. Some bail bondsmen provide assistance with lowering the bail amount. Criminal defendants who want to purchase Bail Bonds in Iowa City, Iowa contact a bail bondsman through Wildside Bail Bonds right now.