Getting Out of Jail is Easier Than Expected With Bail Bonds in Norman, OK

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Bail Bonds Service

Few working class people have extra cash tucked into sock drawers they can retrieve at a moment’s notice to post bail. That’s why bail bonds exist, and bail bonds in Norman, OK, are arguably some of the most accessible and affordable. Here’s how bail bonds help defendants with little to no bail money post bail and get out of jail quickly.

Bail Bonds 101

Bail and bond aren’t the same thing, but the two words often appear interchangeably. Courts that only accept cash for bail typically refer to this payment as a cash bond. However, bail is the payment a court imposes and expects a defendant to pay in order to secure the defendant’s reappearance at trial proceedings.

By paying bail, the defendant is free until his/her initial court appearances, at which time the court returns bail to the individual who posted it. For those who cannot post, a bond agent posts on the defendant’s behalf.

The bond isn’t payment per se; it’s a signed, legal promise the agent makes to the court to cover the full bail cost if the defendant skips trial proceedings. Failure to appear may generates a new warrant. The bond agent may also engage a bounty hunter to collect the fugitive and repayment in full of bail money owed to the bond agency.

How Much Does a Bond Cost?

Since the bond is essentially a glorified promise, its cost doesn’t match the full bail amount. It’s more like 10 to 15 percent of the full bail amount depending on the state.

The bond cost (called a “premium”) serves as the bond agent’s nonrefundable fee. Defendants and concerned third parties can cover the premium with cash, credit, collateral or via negotiation.

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