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Using 24 Hour Emergency Bail Bonds in Johnson County, KS ,for Your Release

Few people want to sit behind bars after they have been arrested. However, when you do not have the money for your bail in your bank account, you may think that you have no choice but to remain in jail until your next court date.

In fact, you could secure your release when you use one of the 24 hour emergency bail bonds in Johnson County, KS. This type of funding can be used to post your bond and get you out from behind bars in hours.

Posting Bond

Despite the arraignment judge setting your bail at a specific amount, you can get out of jail by posting a lesser amount for your bond. The bond is typically 10 percent of your ordered bail. The bail bonds agent that you contact can post the bond to secure your release and then promise the court that the remainder of the bail will be paid later.

To secure both the bond and the full amount of your bail, you must typically use some sort of collateral like a title to a car or your wages. Even if you are found not guilty or have the charges dropped against you, you still must pay back the bond. The rest of the bail will be canceled.

You can learn more about using 24 hour emergency bail bonds in Johnson County, KS, online. Contact Shane's Bail Bonds at to get more information.

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