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How to Get Started with a Bondsman in Arlington TX

A bondsman is a trained and licensed professional who has the power to get a person out of jail when they cannot afford their full bail amount. When someone wants to get out of jail as quickly as possible, they need to seek the services of a Bondsman in Arlington TX. With the following information, individuals will know how to get started with the bondsman so they will be prepared.

Tips for Getting Started

Before calling the Bondsman in Arlington TX, individuals need to be prepared to pay the fee. It is wise to research the fee amount to ensure the individual will be prepared to pay. In most states, the bondsman fee is around ten percent of the bail amount. If the bail amount is $20,000, the individual will be required to pay around $2,000. This fee amount is never refunded, no matter the circumstances.

Individuals also need to be prepared to provide some information to the bondsman and fill out some paperwork. The following should be provided to the bondsman so they will be able to start the process of getting the individual out of jail quickly.

  • The bondsman will need to know where the individual is being held.
  • The full name of the individual and their booking number is required by the bondsman.
  • It is important the individual is aware of the bail amount so they will be prepared to pay their fee.

What Are the Responsibilities of the Guarantor?

Aside from paying the bondsman's fee for services, the individual will also be responsible for ensuring the defendant shows up for all scheduled court dates. Hiring a bondsman is not a process that should be taken lightly. Should the defendant fail to show, the individual who is the guarantor will be held responsible for any and all fees associated with bringing in the defendant and will be forced to pay the entire bail amount.

If you need help with getting a friend or loved one out of jail, Contact Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds Today. Call today and they will be happy to answer your questions. They will work quickly and discretely to get the work done.

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