Why Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City Might Be Denied

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

When a person gets charged with a crime, the time between their arrest and the actual court trial can vary. Fortunately, in many cases, a person can qualify for bail so that they don’t have to stay in jail until the court date. However, there are some instances where the defendant may not be granted bail or be able to obtain Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City. Here are a few of the potential reasons that someone might be denied.

Severity of Crime

Usually, the more severe the crime, the higher the bail amount will be. However, there are a few crimes that may be too serious to allow the defendant to leave jail. A felony charge, such as murder, can be reason enough to deny bail. This holds true even if guilt has yet to be determined.

Defendant’s History

If the defendant is already breaking the terms of probation or has a history of criminal activity, they are less likely to be granted bail. A bondsman may also refuse to post bail if the person has a history of fleeing or missing court dates. This can put them a risk for having to cover the fees.

Flight Risk

Someone who isn’t a U.S. citizen likely will not be offered bail. This is because their foreign status automatically classifies them as a flight risk. A defendant may also be considered a flight risk if there is clear evidence that they might try to leave.

Threat Risk

There can be psychological concerns as well as specific circumstances of a case that a judge may determine is too risky. If a person is considered a threat to themselves or others, bail can be denied.

Inability to Pay

The judge may set an amount for bail, but the defendant will still need to get approval from a bondsman to cover that amount. They assess a fee of the bail that must be paid in full before they post funds to the court. Those who can’t pay may be able to get some type of financing. Also, if the amount is significant, collateral of some sort like a home or automobile might be collected as insurance against a flight risk.

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