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A Bail Bonding Company in Orange, CT Provides an Alternative to Paying Cash to the Court

A large number of people have no direct experience with the legal system and do not understand what their rights are when they are arrested. They may not be aware that a bail bonding company in Orange, CT provides an option for defendants who cannot afford cash bail demanded by the court for pretrial release. It is not until they call a defense lawyer or a family member that they can learn about this option and feel hopeful about regaining freedom.

How It Works

After approving an application and receiving a service fee, a bail bonding company in Orange, CT posts a bond to the court guaranteeing the defendant will appear for all court dates. The service fee is not refundable because it is the company’s payment for their service. However, the cash bail is returned to the defendant after the case ends. Many people are unable to afford bail, and a bail bond agency may be the only alternative for release.

An Unfair Situation

Being able to go home is a huge relief for someone who has been charged with a criminal defense. They are just beginning to learn how the justice system works and how various unfair aspects of it can be to those who don’t count with much money. A public defender can be appointed for professional legal representation, but these workers tend to be overwhelmed with caseloads. They have difficulty devoting enough time to each client for a truly effective defense.

The Defendant's Only Hope

The people who told this individual about bail bonding, and those who gathered up enough money to pay the service charge, may seem like real heroes to someone who thought their only choice was staying behind bars until trial. Never having been in legal trouble before, this is a scary situation. Returning to home and work allows people to fulfill their responsibilities.

In some cases, those arrested are innocent of the crime, they did not realize that they were engaging in illegal behavior, or committed the offense many years ago. This person is blindsided by law enforcement officials with their handcuffs. Anyone who needs help regaining freedom can visit Business Name.

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