What Defendants Need to Know About Bail Bonds in Glens Falls, NY

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Bail Bonds Guide

In New York, bail bonds provide an alternative to paying bail to get out of county lockup. The products are available at a fee according to the percentage charged by the bonding agent. The bondsman issues a bail bond in Glens Falls, NY after the criminal defendant or their representative provides a payment or offers collateral.

Terms and Conditions of a Bail Bond

When a criminal defendant purchases a bail bond, they agree to its terms and conditions. The defendant must appear in court as directed by the court system. All terms of their release must be followed until after a verdict has been reached in their case.

What Happens If the Defendant Doesn’t Go to Court?

Any criminal defendant that doesn’t go to court as instructed is subject to a bench warrant issued by the judge. The bench warrant gives any law enforcement officer the right to arrest the defendant without probable cause. After the arrest, the defendant could lose their eligibility to bail.

How Do Bounty Hunters Operate?

Bounty hunters are hired when a dangerous criminal has jumped bail. The professionals do not follow the same laws as traditional law enforcement officers. The state or county pays a fee to the bounty hunters for retrieving the criminal defendant and returning them to the county jail. These individuals are hired only after the court issues a bench warrant and a failure to appear has happened.

Further Criminal Charges

The terms of the defendant’s release often include no contact or protection orders. Any criminal defendant that violates the terms of their release would face more charges if a protection order was involved. The defendant is charged separately for each violation and faces the penalties for each crime if convicted.

In New York, bail bonds cost far less than paying the full bail after an arrest. The bonds are issued by bondsmen and signed by a criminal court judge. Bonding agents deliver all documents to the county jail and arrange for the defendant’s release. Criminal defendants who need to learn more about purchasing a bail bond in Glens Falls, NY can click here for further details right now.