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When Is Cash Bail in Schenectady, NY Coming to an End?

People might have heard that cash bail in Schenectady, NY is coming to an end. What does that mean for people who are charged with crimes? It means that defendants in low-level criminal cases will no longer have to put money up to get out of custody.

When Does the New Law Take Effect?

Anyone who is charged with a crime in 2019 will still have to deal with the cash bail system. Although the rule change has been passed, it does not begin until 2020. Unfortunately, some people think that just because new rules have been agreed upon that bail situations will immediately change. Defendants in criminal complaints will still need to use a bondsman to get out of custody. People who need help can usually get more information on bail companies’ websites.

Who Won't Have to Pay Cash Bail?

Not every defendant will be entitled to skipping cash bail in Schenectady, NY. Cash bail can be avoided for people who are charged with misdemeanors and non-violent felonies. Anyone who is charged with a very serious crime will still need the assistance of a bondsman to get free. A defendant with serious charges filed against them might have to pay a high cash bail so that they can be freed.

Why Are the Laws Changing?

Advocated of change to the cash bail system argue that it's unfair. People who are at an economic disadvantage aren't able to come up with the money needed to pay bail. Some end up sitting in jail for months for minor criminal complaints. They might lose their job, residence, or children if they are kept in custody too long. Eliminating cash bail means a quicker release for low-level offenders. It also helps eliminate overcrowding in local facilities that house inmates awaiting trial.

The push to end cash bail is growing nationwide. New York won't be the last place to eliminate the need for cash bail for qualifying criminal cases. Until the law is applied, people charged with low-level crimes will still need to take part in the bail process if they wish to be freed from custody.

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